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"C'est par "hasard" que nous avons trouvé Sadie Hall en tant que traductrice pour notre livre. Nous croyions avoir trouvé une excellente traductrice mais nous avons trouvé beaucoup plus; beaucoup beaucoup plus. 

Sadie est une vieille Âme remplie de talent et de sagesse qui s'est investie de tout son Être dans notre projet. Elle s'est littéralement transformée en brillante auteure anglophone en amenant notre livre à un niveau de qualité encore plus élevé. Elle a transformé des thématiques un peu ardues à saisir en récit léger, drôle et facile à comprendre. 

Sadie est véritablement une magicienne des lettres et des mots, une créatrice de sens et d'enthousiasme. Elle manie l'art du verbe avec une étonnante dextérité.

Sadie est devenue une amie, une proche collaboratrice et une valeur sûre dans notre beau projet. Le "hasard" nous a joué un tellement beau tour !" 

Normand Brien, auteur

L'Organisation Consciente: La 5e Revolution industrielle 

The Rise of the Conscious Organization: The Fifth Industrial Revolution

“Sadie is a joy to work with. Throughout the entire Meratis Trilogy, she was thorough, supportive, merciless—but still understood and respected my fragile writer ego. The series is so much stronger because of her sharp eye, and I was able to publish my first book with a confidence I wouldn’t have had without her.”

Krista Walsh, author


"Sadie is brilliant! Her translations are always accurate and she has the ability to chose the right words according to context. I always trust her with my most complex and important documents. I highly recommend her services! She is the best!" 

Dominique Robidoux, certified translator and owner of Point Virgule translation agency

“J’ai apprécié travailler avec Sadie. Elle a le souci du travail bien fait et porte une attention particulière aux détails. Elle n’hésite pas à poser des questions pour obtenir des précisions au besoin. Bref, ce sont selon moi des atouts précieux lorsqu’on est traductrice-réviseure. De plus, Sadie est toujours souriante et a une excellente attitude, ce qui en fait une collègue agréable à cotoyer. Je travaillerais de nouveau avec elle sans hésitation! Merci Sadie.”

Karine, agente de relations avec les médias, Université d'Ottawa

“Sadie provides an excellent product as an English editor/proofreader. Thanks to her, my document is now far more consistent and articulate. In addition, Sadie responded to my questions and requests in a thoughtful and timely manner.”

Mark, aerospace engineering master’s student, University of Toronto

“Sadie was extremely meticulous in her revision/translation of our documents. She consistently provided a quality product and was a pleasure to work with!”

Maria, communications advisor, University of Ottawa

“A university professor of linguistics who has been writing professionally for decades should be able to quickly spot ambiguities and structural errors in his work, correct? I thought so until Sadie had a go at my two novels, one published a year ago and the second about to be. I have insisted that the first be re-released in light of what she’s done. In my second book, Sadie and I worked two long but immensely profitable days to eradicate problems that neither I nor three other skilled readers saw. Sadie’s backgrounds in linguistics and in translation have combined to make her the best-equipped editor I have met. I can’t say too much about the professional credentials of this person. ”

Gerald Neufeld, author

"Sadie was so good as a translation and editing intern at uOttawa that management was hoping she would stay on after her graduation in April 2012. She’ll instead be setting up shop independently, which is fine by me because I intend to partner with her in a number of projects once I myself leave uOttawa just a bit later this year. Her level of bilingualism is astounding, to say the least, and she’ll be graduating from the uOttawa translation program with top honours. I wish I had been as advanced and worldly as she is when I graduated many, many years ago. She has an amazing career in store, and I’m so eager to work with her along the way, both as language service providers and as active members of the Network of Translators in Education.”

Raymond Martel, chief translator and editor (retired), University of Ottawa Language Services

“Sadie did some excellent work for me when I required adolescent versions of two books called “Frank and Ben Go to Ottawa” and “Frank and Ben Go to Winnipeg.” She took the adult versions of these books, both written by me as part of a series for students of English as a second language, and judiciously modified them to make them suitable for younger readers.”

Michael Hunter, ESL instructor

“As a frequent user of the services provided by the Language Services at the University of Ottawa, where Sadie worked as a translator and editor, I can say without any reservation that Sadie was always a dedicated colleague who excelled at her work. Her attention to detail and professionalism were exemplary and she always ensured that the work she delivered was more than satisfactory. It was a pleasure to work with Sadie.”

Dominique, special projects officer, University of Ottawa