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THE JOURNEY BEGINS / You Can’t Just Berate Yourself Out of Anxiety

Sadie Hall

My therapist said, “You’ve probably been telling yourself for years to just ‘stop’ having anxiety. To just get it together. You’ve probably beaten yourself up over it, telling yourself that it’s not that hard, that you can willpower your way out it.”

I nodded vigorously. “Yes. Every day. Forever.”

She gave me a compassionate half-smile. “Honey, if you could do that, I wouldn’t have a job. You can’t just berate yourself out of anxiety. The part of you that’s berating yourself IS your anxiety.”

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YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH / An Open Letter To My Younger Self

Sadie Hall

You are beautiful. You are resilient. You are strong. You are kind. You are worthy. Your feelings are valid. Your body is powerful and beautiful. Please try to remember this quote: “Admire someone else’s beauty without questioning your own.” 

You are good enough.

You. Are. Good. Enough.

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