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Find your voice. Share your message. Engage your readers.

Life is about connection. When people connect with one another in an authentic way, amazing things happen and unexpected opportunities abound. Being real builds bridges. That’s why I will always talk to you like you're actually a real person even though we may never meet face-to-face.

My work is guided by a deep respect for my clients as human beings first and foremost, even though our relationship may never transcend the abstract digital workspace we call home. I cannot look at a piece of writing without thinking of the person who wrote it. I can’t help but think of the passion and hard work that went into every word and sentence.

I know that being a writer or content creator is more than a job. It’s a way of life.

You pour your heart and soul into your creative pursuits every day. You show up, you hustle, you reach out, and you do everything you can to share your unique vision with the world. A huge part of how you do that, how you reach your audience, comes from what you write and how you write it. That goes without saying if you are a writer.

But it's also true for other types of creatives and entrepreneurs. Think about all the ways you engage with the world through the written word: You probably have a website or author site, maybe some social media profiles. How about downloadable resources, ebooks, or even print books? Do you send out a newsletter? What about printed promo material? Do you have a blog? All that writing is how you share yourself with your audience.

The best thing about your business or creative enterprise is YOU. So let's make sure that the real “you” is coming across through your words. Your authentic, unique voice is what draws your readers and clients to you and keeps them coming back for more, so let’s make sure that your writing matches your vibrant self. 

Speaking of being authentic and real....

I’ve been working as a freelance editor and translator since April 2012, when I finished my degree in translation from the University of Ottawa. Before that, I worked as an ESL tutor to Francophone students of all ages for six years and completed a degree that focused on linguistics, psychology, and English literature. It’s pretty clear that language is where my heart is!

I’ve lived in both French and English my entire life. My parents gave me the enormous and invaluable gift of bilingualism by enrolling me in an entirely French school when I was four years old, and my passion for writing, bilingualism, and language has only grown over time, eventually leading to the wonderful career I have today.

I live in Hamilton, Ontario, with my husband, Jesse, and our two beautiful children, James and Olivia.