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Featured Authors


Featured Authors and Entrepreneurs

I am thrilled to share these talented writers with you. These authors and entrepreneurs were amazing to work with, and I am so grateful that they invited me on their journey. 

Normand Brien & Nathalie Damphousse

The Rise of the Conscious Organization: The Fifth Industrial Revolution

Translated from the French: L'Organisation Consciente: La 5e Revolution industrielle

This translation project was, in a word, life-changing. (Does that count as one word?) Truly, this book guided me down a new personal and professional path, and inspired the creative work I do now and the topics I focus on. Normand and Nathalie have redefined my idea of human connection and business relations, and have become cherished friends that I hope to one day meet in person. Merci à vous deux.

Krista Walsh

The Meratis Trilogy (Evensong, Eventide, and Evenlight)

Where does one even begin to describe an author as talented and entrepreneurial and DEDICATED as Krista? She is fiercely devoted to her craft and career as a writer, and generous in helping others in the writing community. I am blown away by this creative entrepreneur and kind soul. 

L.E. Fraser

Perdition Games series (Simon Says, Skully, Red Rover, and Frozen Statues)

I have never encountered a writer who can hone her craft as easily as Lori. Her mind seems to be processing input and suggestions at super-speed, and you can see it in how quickly her writing has evolved from one book to the next. If you want to follow an author who is sure to develop in fresh and exciting new ways, get on the Perdition Games train now!