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Identify Strengths, Nurture Uniqueness, Connect with Empathy

(Service disponible pour les textes écrits en anglais seulement. Pour les textes écrits en français, je peux vous offrir mes services de traduction!)

I have never heard a writer or author say, "Yeah, writing is super easy and my first draft is publication ready." No. That's not how writing works. It's more like this: After an undetermined period of time leading up to actually sitting down to write, you finally begin. You write. And you write. And you write. Eventually, you start to do things like re-read, self-edit, tweak, chop, re-write, condense, expand, question your life choices, consider burning the paper and/or your laptop, think better of it, take a break to go have some tea/coffee/tequila, and then start the process over again. Writers are nothing if not resilient. The point is, writing isn't easy. It's a labour of love. So think of me as your manuscript midwife! (Am I the only one who finds that funny?)

My editing style has evolved over the years. My approach takes your side of the experience into account. It is the result of a lot of personal and professional soul-searching about how I can best serve the needs of the writers and creators who put their trust in me. I am guided by three key goals: Identify Strengths, Nurture Uniqueness, and Connect with Empathy.

Identify Strengths:

I don't think my job should be limited to turning your manuscript into a sea of red. I believe it is valuable to focus not only on areas for improvement, but also on highlighting the places where your writing shines so that you can build on that, both in practical terms to enhance your craft and in personal terms to help you move past those inevitable moments of writerly self-doubt. (And even the gentlest of editing is bound to trigger some of that.)

Nurture Uniqueness:

It can be hard for us to see our own uniqueness sometimes, even as writers. Often we need an outside observer to point it out. Every writer is unique, and this comes through in their voice, word choice, sentence structure, and other stylistic choices. We need to find what makes you “you” as a writer! This is your writing voice. We want that voice to resonate throughout your work.

Connect with Empathy:

You are not just words on a page to me. How you feel about the process matters. To quote one of my past indie clients, I am "someone who looks at my words and doesn’t tell me a decision I made is 'cringeworthy' (I have been told this), but can actually step back and look at what I might have been trying to say and help me get there, knowing that I likely just hit a block or couldn’t figure out how to word it." When this author wrote that, her words went right to my heart. That is the kind of trust I want to build with all my clients. 

What does this all mean in practical terms? What can you expect from me?

I adjust my services to you and your needs. Not sure what you actually need? We can figure that out together! In addition to a free initial consultation (usually over a few email exchanges), I provide a free, no-obligation sample edit so that you can see what it would be like to work with me and so that we can fine-tune anything about the approach before we get started. My specialty is what is usually referred to as "stylistic editing." Here are some common areas of focus:

Organizing your text or manuscript

Clarifying the meaning you are trying to convey

Smoothing out language use for consistency and concision

Coaxing your authentic voice to the surface

Cleaning up grammar, spelling, and punctuation


If I don't think I can bring value to your writing, I will tell you upfront and try to help you find a better solution. That's my promise to you as a fellow freelancer and creative. 


Because I specialize in (and by specialize in, I mean absolutely love) working with indies, creatives, and entrepreneurs, I know that budget is a huge consideration. My goal is to strike a balance between affordable rates for my clients and a living wage for me and my family. I will provide you with an estimate based on a sample edit (free, no-obligation). A sample edit of a few pages will give us both the peace of mind we need to decide whether to sign on to each other for the long haul!

In general, I charge an hourly rate for shorter documents or for projects that will have a lot of "back-and-forth" between me and the client. For manuscript editing, I am moving toward charging a per-page rate, but I am still open to hourly. Just like my clients, I value adaptability in service. 

Whatever the arrangement, you’ll have access to your client statement through my FreshBooks account. You can pay online by PayPal, credit card, or Interac email money transfer (my preference), or you can send me a good old cheque in the mail.

I understand that hiring an editor is a scary step, a leap of faith, and a big investment.

That’s why I promise to be fully invested in your success. 

Ready to move to the next step? 

Hurray! Please get in touch! I'll reply either with questions or with a free estimate if I don't need more information. If you're happy with what I propose, we can get started! If not, there is no obligation to move forward. 

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