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NEW BOOK TRANSLATION | The Rise of the Conscious Organization


NEW BOOK TRANSLATION | The Rise of the Conscious Organization

Sadie Hall


I am thrilled to announce that the book translation I’ve spent the last year-plus immersed in is finally available online (print version coming shortly)! Introducing....


“When maintaining a balanced life prevents you from working as much as you want, it can feel like an obstacle on your path to success. In reality, though, balance is one of the many things in life that isn’t the enemy it seems. Consider it an investment in Future You, because although staying balanced may prevent you from going faster, I promise you that it will allow you to go further.” Chapter 8 (Tough Love: Friendly Foes)

Their book blends conscious business philosophy with mindful living and self-realization strategies, and I can’t even express how much I enjoyed translating it. I am so honoured to have been given this opportunity! It has honestly been a life-changing experience.

Normand and Nathalie also have a bilingual website:

Congratulations, Normand and Nathalie!!!!

Here's to the success of your new book!